The Valley Catholic Newspaper is Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Newspaper and is published by the Diocese of San Jose.

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The official newspaper of the Diocese of San Jose. Its publisher is the diocesan bishop with whom it collaborates in the teaching mission of the Church.

As a publication of the Catholic Church, The Valley Catholic takes its mandate from the Decree on the Instruments of Social Communication (Vatican Council II) to be engaged in the mission of the Church itself.

 The diocesan press participates in the Church's mission of evangelization and formation. It provides information and responsible opinion, and a forum for dialogue by implementing the highest standards of professional journalism. At times, it is obliged to correct distortions or misrepresentations of Catholic life, faith or institution which may appear in the secular media.

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 It’s never too soon to start reading the Good News in The Valley Catholic, newspaper of the Diocese of San Jose. This newspaper was founded in 1982, a year after the diocese was inaugurated and has been reporting the news and recording the history of this Local Church, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Subscribe or renew a  subscription at, or give your parish a check in thanks for the Parish Plan in which parishes receive a discount for volume subscriptions.  Send a subscription gift to your family or friends for only $25 a year.  It’s all about getting the Good News to more Catholics in Santa Clara County. (Photo by Clarisse Balistreri).

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